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Available in Plus or Premium packages, Medical Access Insurance (MAI) is innovative, added health care insurance aimed to remove Canadians placed on a lengthy medical waitlist and affording for them the medical service they need with expediency.

MAI Plus includes:

  • Treatment at clinics in Canada where available, and in the United States when medical circumstance mandates
  • Pre and post-surgery consultation with specialist(s)
  • Diagnostics, including MRI and CT scans
  • Surgery for more than 135 eligible conditions and 500 medical procedures

MAI Premium grants policyholders all the features of MAI Plus with the addition of two major assets: Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness and access to OneWorld Assist services through the Critical Illness policy. OneWorld Assist access means coverage that extends over 3,500 facilities and 400,000 doctors in North America. When your medical situation warrants travel, all accommodation, procedures and consult will be coordinated for you – worry and co-payment free.

Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Insurance offers coverage with no medical exam, including qualified pre-exisiting conditions following 24 consecutive months of coverage. The policyholder will receive up to $150,000 in a lump sum, tax free payment as soon as 30 days after a diagnosis of a critical illness is confirmed. Incremental payouts in installments of $25,000 are also available.

MAI grants policyholders the peace of mind of knowing diagnostic and surgical procedures will be conducted expediently. In the event the diagnosis is a critical illness, financial concerns will not be their burden.

MAI premiums are fully eligible for coverage by a Private Health Services Plan.

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mai plus

MAI Plus is added coverage, granting you rapid access to the Canadian health care services you need.