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Employee online access is available via your smartphones and tablets.  These devices may be used to make a claim or to review the status of your account online.

Employees do not have to set up an account in order to make a claim online. Setting up an account enables you to review your personal information (address changes, dependent information, etc.) and to view the status of your claims.

Instructions on how to activate an online account

Go to

–           Click on ‘Activate your account’

–           Enter your Plan Number (ie: P11222)

–           Enter date of birth

–           Enter first name

–           Enter last name

–           Click ‘Submit’

This will go to ‘Set Your Username’

–           Enter your email address under ‘New Username’

–           Click ‘Submit’ button

This will go to ‘Set Your Password’

–           Enter the password you want to use

–           Re-enter the password to confirm

–           Click ‘Submit’

Then continue to ‘Login’ or leave the site

To ‘Login’ to the site

–           Click ‘Login’ button

–           Enter your email address

–           Enter your password

–           You will then be logged into your account to check your claims, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Pacific First at the numbers and/or email below.

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