A Group Life Insurance policy is an attractive and valuable addition to any comprehensive company benefits plan. Corporate firms or other associated groups may offer Group Life Insurance to their employees through a Blended Plan with Pacific First through D.D. Anderson & Associates Life Insurance Consultants Ltd. is a Licensed Canadian Intermediary, with licenses under the Insurance Act of each Province in whice we offer our services

We have worked to build strong associations with a number of Canadian life insurance companies providing Group Life Insurance, ensuring the right insurance policy is selected for the client’s plan, at cost-efficient premiums.

Group Life Insurance is provided to companies at reduced rates over individual insurance policies, and with reduced eligibility requirements for those covered. So long as employees remain employed, and premiums are maintained, the policy will be active.


Though group life insurance coverage remains fairly standard across providers, there are a number of coverage options that may be selected to develop the best plan for the group in consideration.

  • Defined benefits: Benefits are set at a fixed amount or as a multiple of annual earnings.
  • Increased benefits: The death benefit attributed to a covered member may be increased under certain circumstances. Accidental Death and Disablement┬áis normally added to a group plan. This can also be changed to disablement
  • Dependent coverage: The majority of plans will allow the employee to purchase coverage for their dependents at reduced rates.
  • Conversion option: Plans can allow the employee to convert the coverage available in the group plan to an individual plan owned by the employee, meaning their coverage would remain in place should they leave the firm.
  • Accelerated options (covering accidental death): These options may be added through the group plan.

Enrollment and Claims Information

  • Administration is handled by Pacific First with regard to each individual Life Insurance carriers rules.