Large or small; corporate or private, the fitting plan for your group or association can be created with ease. Pacific First, along with your broker, will assist you in developing the right Group Benefits Plan for you.

Attain all the coverage your group plan requires: tax-deductible health and dental coverage through a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) and unique insurance elements though a Blended Plan; combining the best of current Canadian offerings into one tailor-made package.

Explore some of our options online below or contact us directly with all inquiries regarding your group plan.

Accidental Death and Disablement Insurance

If an accident occurs causing death or disablement to an insured employee, their spouse, or dependent children, this insurance will provide a tax-free benefit up to $500,000.

  • Coverage is active 24 hours per day, anywhere in the world subject to limitations following 9/11.
  • Several supplementary benefits allotted; including occupational training.
  • Option to convert from group policy to individual policy.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Provide your employees with an insurance element that will protect them financially in the event of a critical illness.

  • Provides a tax-free lump sum payment.
  • Benefit is the employee’s to spend as they determine.
  • Coverage is relevant to a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

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Diagnostic and Specialist Access Insurance (DSAI)

Have you or a loved on been placed on a waitlist for diagnostic or specialist services that could see you receiving treatment months down the line? DSAI is the answer to this healthcare dilemma. DSAI will see your name removed from that list, and inserted into the appointment book of a relevant diagnostic or specialist service provider.

  • Covers pre-existing conditions once the policy has been in effect for 24 consecutive months.
  • Affordable monthly premiums.
  • Eligible for PHSP coverage.
  • Improves recovery time, reduces absenteeism and promotes employee care.

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Disability Insurance

For 33% of Canadians, experiencing a disability will become a reality. Disability insurance provides financial security when accident or illness renders the insured disabled.

  • Various benefit structures.
  • Offers compensation when employee is unable to work.
  • Provides employee peace of mind while recovering.

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Employee and Family Assistance Programs

Through Organizational Health Inc. businesses or firms may offer a unique program to their employees, encouraging their health and overall well being. All data confirms that a content, well individual is more productive, present and clear-minded at the workplace.

  • Confidential counseling services available off-site, after business hours, with professional, accredited counselors.
  • Counseling includes personal, relationship, financial and legal.
  • Wellness seminars available on topics such as self esteem, stress management, and skill building.

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Green Shield Canada Health Assist

Green Shield Health Assist can fill the gaps in your Provincial Government Health Plan with a wide range of Health and Dental products for businesses and employees leaving a group insurance plan.

  • Health Assist ZONE offers 6 individual plans for small enterprises, contract workers, seasonal workers, or solutions for retirees or senior citizens.
  • Health Assist LINK offers 4 individual plans for employees leaving a group insurance plan.

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Life Insurance

A group life insurance policy is a well-valued addition to any group plan or benefits package. Provide your employees with an insurance element that will keep their families financially protected in the event of their passing.

  • Many options offered from which to design benefits system.
  • Reduced premiums over individual plans.
  • Reduced eligibility requirements over individual policies.

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Long Term Care Insurance

At some point in virtually every Canadian’s life, extended care will be required. This insurance offers assistance amid a vital time of need. Covered expenses can include:

  • Home care.
  • Residence in a care facility.
  • Personal nurse.

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MyCare Insurance

A truly original way to complement a group benefits plan, MyCare Insurance Programs for Businesses offer employees and their families affordable access to Mayo Clinic medical services in the face of a serious illness or major orthopaedic condition.

  • Access to medical second opinion from world-renowned Mayo Clinic.
  • Receive recommendation for additional testing or treatment course from Mayo Clinic specialists.
  • Obtain treatment for diagnosed condition at a relevant Mayo Clinic campus.

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Out of Province/Country Emergency Medical Insurance

Ensure employees and their families are protected by a comprehensive travel insurance policy when they leave the province, territory, or fly overseas.

  • Competitive, preferred rates.
  • 24-hour emergency claims service with translators on call.
  • Expedited processing services.

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Wage Loss Replacement Plans

Help keep your employees afloat during difficult times. Wage loss replacement plans provide the insured employee with compensation if they are to endure a period of disablement.

  • Contributions made by the employer used by the plan are tax deductible.
  • Tailor benefits according to employee class.
  • Provide coverage for sickness and injury, weekly indemnity, and/or short-term or long-term disability.

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