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Douglas D. Anderson: President and General Manager

Douglas (Doug) Anderson is the president and founder of Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, he has spent the last 50 years actively at work in the insurance and financial management industry. In that time Doug has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the area of corporate benefits and related regulatory issues.

In 1975, taking over for associates in the dental profession, Doug began developing the first Private Health Services Plan in western Canada. Three years later, current Executive Administrator Leslie Crisp came on board as secretary. Initially covering just dental, and with only two employees, the plan and company focus grew to include supplemental health benefits, travel insurance and other insurance elements. In 1979 Doug incorporated Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd., and roughly one decade later the marketing arm Pacific First came into inception.

Today the company, based in Burnaby, BC, employs 13 in-office staff and works with a vast range of brokers across Western Canada and Ontario. Doug’s continued role is to provide clients and brokers proficient consulting and technical advice.

In addition to running a successful benefits plan provider, Doug has been a Toastmaster for 42 years and holds Distinguished Toastmaster designation, as well as a past district governor for the province of British Columbia. He was recently honoured with a lifetime achievement award from the Toastmasters for his dedicated tenure.

Leslie Crisp: Executive Administrator

“We’re always looking for new products we can add to our base plan,” Leslie Crisp states. Her near 34-year commitment to the company has been fostered by its ever-expanding ability to help people, to provide good services, and to give clients options that other companies cannot. “It’s fun; it’s always changing and there’s always room to grow.”

After taking a business course Leslie’s direction turned to insurance “and the rest is history”. Today Leslie, a licensed life insurance representative, astutely manages all employees, putting into practice her honed administrative skills. Additionally she works closely with insurance companies to facilitate the company’s unique Blended Plans.

Looking Ahead

Pacific First is aimed for an increased cross-Canada presence, additional offices in Alberta and Ontario, and a widened range of client services. Starting out, the company’s client base was filled mainly by small businesses. Today it can satisfy demands from a sole proprietor to the largest groups presented.

“We’re very excited about the new MyCare Insurance product and Medical Access Insurance,” Doug says. “We’re broadening our base with regards to insurance companies, but primarily we rely on the brokers coming to us with their needs so that we can fulfill their clients wishes and desires.”

For more information on Pacific First, or to inquire with the team directly, contact us today.

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