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Pacific First looks forward to helping you tailor-make a unique Private Health Services Plan which will best suit your requirements. We have provided Private Health Services Plans and Health and Welfare Trust Agreements for employees of businesses, unions and associations for over 30 years. Pacific First works to constantly upgrade their health, dental and supplemental health plans by conducting ongoing research for new products in order to add value to the comprehensive benefit plans that we offer. We stand ready to assist you with any issues that may arise in the area of employee benefits. Not only are we dedicated to providing the best services for health, dental and supplemental health care, but we endeavor to offer a variety of methods of cost containment under group coverages.

Our History

One of the first organizations to implement the Private Health Services Plan provision was the Dental Services Association of BC in 1975. This was developed to assist both employers and unions to provide non-taxable dental benefits to their employees. Douglas D. Anderson was called upon to assist the association in their formulation of plans, marketing and accounting services. When the dentists decided not to continue their plan, a new plan was formed under the name Pacific Prepaid Dental Plan. The same concept was followed which was principally for dental benefits. Many of the first brokers who utilized the plan used it as an add-on to their group benefit coverage.

In l978, Leslie Crisp joined Doug Anderson and assisted him in formulating the new company in 1979 named Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd. Its main function was to provide private health services plans as well as third party administration. They were repeatedly asked, “Is the dental benefit all you have to offer?” Over the next years, a full variety of mandatory and optional benefits were added to the plan under the marketing name of Pacific First. Pacific First also developed a close working relationship with a number of insurance companies which allowed them to broaden their entire package offered to the public to encompass life, accidental death and disablement/ disablement, disability benefits, extended health benefits and dental coverage.

It is vitally important to note that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recognized the benefits for dental, health and hospital under the PHSP as being fully tax deductible for an employer and a non-taxable benefit for the employees. However, it must only be for dental, supplemental health and hospital care. Pacific First, as a third party administrator and provider of the benefits, ensures the CRA Guidelines are adhered to. Other benefits that are deemed taxable can also be paid through a combined plan called the Blended Plan as long as the tax rules and guidelines are followed.

Today, Pacific First offers an even broader range of benefits along with their third party administration services. We are insistent, however, in working with licensed insurance agents or brokers in putting together plans since many of the plans have insurance products included. These can only be provided in cooperation with licensed insurance representatives.


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Our Mission

Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd. has dedicated its services to providing Private Health Services Plans to businesses and professionals since 1979. Our mandate is to provide each client the best hospital, dental and supplemental health benefits for every dollar they expense toward supplemental coverage.

Though Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd. and Pacific First Dental & Healthcare Plans are not insurance companies, we proudly work closely with the insurance companies to provide unique, Blended Plans. All of the insurance components, products, coverage and plans we offer are provided through the insurance brokerage arm of:

D.D. Anderson & Associates
Life Insurance Consultants Ltd.

What We Do

Pacific First, with Pacific Rim Administration Services Ltd., is a Private Health Services Plan administrator. This means that we administrate contributions and adjudicate claims on behalf of employers. Pacific First pays employees claims through the relevant employer fund to the limit set out in each employers contract.

Pacific First earns its revenues by charging a modest adjudication fee on all claims processed and a monthly administration fee per employee.

Who We Are

Douglas D. Anderson, President and General Manager.

Leslie Crisp, Executive Administrator.

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