Client-Tailored, Affordable Dental & Healthcare Plans

Pacific First is a Canada-wide health and dental plan provider.  For more than three decades we have worked to ensure that employees and businesses are administered the best fitting health services plans possible at the lowest cost.

Employee Assistance

This program provides:

  • Psychological counseling for personal, emotional, addiction, relationship, and grief issues.
  • Legal and financial counseling for real estate, separation, and for financial planning.
  • Trauma response, health and wellness, job orientation, and communication services.

MyCare Insurance

The Mycare Insurance Program is unique in Canada. MyCare offers Canadians affordable access and a lasting connection to Mayo Clinic.

Medical services for:

  • Serious illness,
  • Second opinions,
  • Difficult to diagnose conditions

Services provided by Mayo Clinic

GSC Health Assist

Green Shield Health Assist fills gaps in your Provincial Health Plan with Health and Dental products for businesses and employees leaving a group insurance plan.

Health Assist offers:

  • 6 plans for small enterprises, contract workers, seasonal workers, or solutions for retirees or senior citizens.
  • 4 plans for employees leaving a group insurance plan.

Use Visa or MasterCard to pay online.  At this time, online payment is only available for the current clients of Pacific First dental and healthcare plan.

Click here to make an online credit card payment toward your plan.

Prepaid Hospital, Dental and Supplemental Healthcare Benefits Blended with Insurance

Pacific First is one of the country’s leading providers of prepaid dental and healthcare plans and PHSPs, with group insurance underwriting in the fields of:

Pacific First offers a wide range of products and services arranged through our Life Insurance Arm – D.D. Anderson & Associates Life Insurance Consultants Ltd. New products are always under consideration as the industry changes. We will entertain any requests or suggestions.

  • Direct payment for dental and healthcare claims, including prescription drugs
  • Third party payment of claims and administration
  • Basic and major dental and/or Orthodontics
  • Supplemental health benefits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Paramedical services
  • Eye glasses and exams
  • Group insurance policies
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death and disablement insurance
  • Wage loss replacement plans
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Group add-ons or standalone products
  • Employee and family assistance programs
  • Medical access insurance programs
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Stop loss insurance

Incorporate access to Mayo Clinic into a PHSP, or specialize a benefits plan with an employee and family assistance program.

Complement your employees’ provincial health plans with medical services and seconds opinions provided by Mayo Clinic.

travel insurance

Use Out of Province/Country Travel Insurance to protect your employees while traveling abroad.

Added Coverage

Offered through certain Lloyd’s Underwriters your health and dental plan can include:

  • Out of Province/Country Travel Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Disablement
  • Excess Medical Insurance

We can also facilitate the administration and trustee of:

  • Combined Group Benefits with a Private Health Services Plan
  • Associate Health & Welfare Trusts for specialized benefits.

Health and dental plans made to suit the plan holder. No company dollar wasted.